4 Elementi 5 - Esameron

Runaway Totem is convinced that the ancient texts of the Tradition are our Masters. Runaway Totem never quotes the Tradition without imply that its teaching is fundamental.
Let’s start from Number 4 (Four). Its nature is something really weird: it’s the numbers One, Two, Three altogether, and the first procreated figure, that is two times two, so Four.
These numbers progress as a triangle, and the four of them create the triangle Ten, or Decade of Four, called MYSTIC TETRAKTIS.


The Decade restrain in it all the possibilities. It’s from here the Origin’s Triangle, the character of which is to have Nine units gathered around the divine and unintelligible Unity. The pharaonic myth shows all of this through the heliopolite Mystery, where is narrated the creation of the great ENNEAD (the Nine Principles), emitted from NOUS, the primordial Waters. But it’s not possible to comprehend anything, to know anything initial that it’s not triangular, in a way that only the figure built around the aboriginal Trinity will be the first comprehensible perfect form. The Decade’s triangle, the MYSTIC TETRAKTIS, is the metaphysical or divine triangle, while the triangle of Fifteen, PENTAKTIS (MANIFEST TETRAKTIS), will be the first triangle of the things:


When this triangle becomes evident, we can see how the Twelve Places surround the divine creative Triangle. These will be the twelve places of the World and, since they’re animators, they’ll be called animated, or zodiac (animal cycle). Twelve units define the triangle in its shape, units animated by the divine Triangle, and this brings to Fifteen absolute units. If we deduct the units of the base (Five), on one of the sides will remain four units and on the other side three units: the numbers of the HOLY TRIANGLE. We always find, as conclusion of the creative numbers, this marvellous number Five, that comprehend the cycle of the “root” Numbers, or original numbers. Five, as the fingers of the hand, as the five limbs (included the head) for the man and for the star with five arms.

Here the matrix of everything, matrix fecundated by itself and in itself.
Here begins the evolution of what is became, through the Mystery of the Numbers, Law of Cosmic Harmony.

4 ELEMENTI 5 begins with ESAMERON (I° movement). These are the days of the creation, and Runaway Totem begins the journey (and you who read and listen participate to all of this).

“De cause prime”
Where everything begins and everything ends. Where everything is and everything is not!
Where the unity is the all in potence. Where the Law of Cosmic Harmony is the unitary, the binary and the tertiary. Where angelic choirs begin the universe. Where legions of angels glorify the evolution of what is became through the Mystery of the Numbers. Where the cosmos will take its shape. Where all is drenched in the Primordial Waters.

“Ombra alata”
Where the itself divides in itself. Where the Duality is opposition to the One.
Where the two faces look themselves. Where there’s this “secondary creation”.
Where the separation, the inversion, the dualization impose itself to the Singleness, creating the World.

“Lux – L’albero del Sole”
Where the addition of the Unitary and Binary gives the Tertiary.
Where the triad is the creative base. Where the formed Trinity becomes image of the absolute Unity, but even if it’s new creative unity, it’s no more absolute, even if it participates of the Absolute, being creative Unity.

“0 Infinito 1”
Where the illusory infinite of the intelligence is comprised in the Number, seen that the Number called “One” and all the possibilities of the Universe are comprised in the triangle Ten.
Where there isn’t anymore place for an “infinite”, because “all the possibilities” means: “there isn’t anything beyond”.
Where everything is comprised in the Primordial Waters.